Raglan Stove Shop can provide HETAS registered fitting for your new stove. It is important to make sure that your stove is correctly fitted by a HETAS registered engineer to ensure safe usage of your stove.

The performance of an approved appliance may be impaired by its incorrect installation and/or the faulty construction of the house or chimney, but will not in general be affected by the choice of surround and the finish of the appliance, provided dimensional and constructional requirements are complied with.

The approved appliances in this Guide give the best service only when installed to makers' instructions and when burning an approved fuel. Attention is drawn to the Building Regulations and any local bye-laws affecting installation. HETAS Ltd, in conjunction with the Solid Fuel Association has introduced a Registration Scheme for Engineers and Companies working in the Domestic Solid Fuel Market.

For an effective and economical hot water service, particularly with multi-duty appliances, the system should be compact and adequately insulated. The capacity of the cylinder, together with size and length of piping, should comply with that specified by the manufacturers. The use of indirect systems in which the primary and secondary waters do not mix is recommended for domestic hot water supply irrespective of the type of water, and is a necessity with certain designs of boiler, and always where radiators are served.