How is a stove more efficient and safer than a fireplace?

Here at Raglan Stove Shop, we want to ensure that our customers are always getting value for their money. Did you know that a stove is much more efficient – and safer! – option for your home than a fireplace? In this blog, we uncover all the reasons why a stove is a far better choice if you’re looking into different heating options.

What is a stove?

A wood-burning stove is an appliance that burns wood to generate heat. Wood-burning stoves have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their visual appearance and homely feel, yet they offer a number of other benefits too, including being safer, more cost-effective and more efficient than traditional fireplaces.

Efficency of stoves vs fireplaces

Wood-burning stoves are significantly more efficient than traditional fireplaces. In fact, wood-burning stoves have an average efficiency of around 70% due to their smaller, more compact size. This means that they convert around 70% of wood to heat, with more of this heat being projected across your home. In comparison, traditional fireplaces have an average efficiency of between 20% and 25%, so a wood-burning stove is a no-brainer on this front!

How is a stove more efficient and safer than a fireplace?

Projects widespread heat

Unlike traditional fireplaces, which some studies have shown actually make a room colder, a wood-burning stove provides widespread heat. Due to the amount of combustion air that open fires consume, they often fail to heat an entire room and only provide warmth to a small area, losing a lot of heat. In contrast, a wood-burning stove’s ventilation pipe reduces this heat loss and actually contributes to heat production.

Easy maintenance

Wood-burning stoves are much easier to maintain compared to traditional fireplaces. This is due to a wood-burning stove having a ventilation pipe instead of a flue, with a flue being much harder to maintain. Homeowners that have switched from a fireplace to a wood-burning stove will marvel at the reduced maintenance it requires.

Heat-resistant glass prevents danger

Wood-burning stoves also have heat-resistant glass built-in, meaning you don’t need to worry about any stray sparks or misplaced lighted fuel spilling out onto your floor. This significantly reduces the level of danger and is a much safer option for your home compared to an open fireplace.

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