How installing a stove can save you money

With the cost of living crisis affecting people from all walks of life across the UK, it’s more important than ever to consider investing in money-saving appliances for your home. Energy prices in the UK are at an all-time high and are set to potentially rise even further over the coming year. Taking steps to protect yourself now could help you to endure rising energy costs in the future.

Reduce your energy bills with a stove

Contemporary stoves are able to burn wood or solid fuel without consuming significant amounts of energy, providing an affordable and efficient way to heat your home this winter. If you’re able to put up the cash to install a wood-burning stove – which can be as little as £2,000 or less – then you’ll no doubt save yourself money in the long run by reducing your energy bills.

Studies show that using a woodburning stove to heat your home can reduce your energy bills by up to 10%. This makes them even more efficient than traditional fireplaces – as well as better for the environment – because they lose much less heat up the chimney.

Add value to your home

As well as reducing your bills, an attractive stove can also add value to your property. Stoves have character and aesthetic appeal, and they provide a practical function in your home. Now more than ever, with energy prices rising higher and higher every year, homebuyers will look upon properties with stoves and other energy-saving features more favourably than those without. This increase in kerb appeal might also help you sell your home more quickly, another factor that could help you to maximise the sale price of your property.

Tips for saving money with a stove

If you want to maximise the efficiency of the stove you buy for your home, consider the size of your room and the efficiency of the stove you purchase. To maximise how much money you save with your stove, consider:

• Buy a modern stove with a high energy-efficiency rating
• Pick a stove that’s the right size for your living space
• Make sure your stove is properly installed
• Always use an appropriate fuel source

Choosing the right stove is important if you want to maximise your energy-saving returns. If you choose a stove that’s too small for your living space, it won’t keep you warm enough, but if you choose a stove that’s too big you’ll waste fuel burning it on low.

Likewise, stoves cost money to run because they rely on wood or solid fuel. While this is cheaper than electricity and gas, it still costs money. Shopping around to find the best deal on high-quality fuels may help you to reduce your outgoing further and maximise the cost-effectiveness of your stove.

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